Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whole30 #2 Day 5

Another lazy day. No exercise. Did get 8 hours of sleep, so that's something. I didn't even go to the store, which just means I have to go tomorrow. Fortunately I don't have to work, and it should be less crowded than it would have been today.

Breakfast -- breakfast casserole, breakfast salad with coconut flakes, half an orange.

Lunch -- hamburger patty, sweet potato fries (I burned a bunch of those, so I didn't actually eat all of the ones pictured there), a mayo/mustard mixture to dip them in, and I decided to try one of my bottles of kombucha, even though really the 2nd ferment should go another day or too. I'm not very patient, and I really wanted some. This one was blueberry/lemon/ginger, and it was pretty good. Not quite as fizzy I would have liked, but I've heard that the first couple of batches may not be as fizzy, plus I didn't second ferment it as long, and that is where a lot of the carbonation happens.

Supper -- soup topped with sausage. (Technically, that's a pic from yesterday, but today's would have looked exactly the same.)
Anyway, that's how today went. Currently I'm sitting on the couch with a cat draped over my arm as I try to type. Not really conducive to typing, but he seems so comfy I hate to move him. 

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