Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Got a little off course, but back on track now, I hope

So much for updating this blog a few times a week, I sort of forgot about it, and didn't really have a lot to say anyway, but I thought I should maybe post an update, now that it's been almost a month since my Whole30. 

I haven't stuck to a Whole30 way of eating 100% over the last month. Some days I did, some days not so much. I didn't ever do all the really structured reintroductions of food that they recommend, but I have reintroduced a few things. Dairy was first on my list, and at first, it didn't seem to affect me at all. So I had it almost every day for a couple of weeks, and then realized I wasn't feeling so great anymore -- my joints were achy, I was having some digestive issues. I can't say for sure that it's the dairy, but I'm cutting it back out of my diet so I can see what happens.

Then, this past weekend, I reintroduced grains -- although I was also still having dairy, so it's not a clean reintroduction as recommended in the book. It was really more of a lack of planning, coupled with being tired and a little stressed, which all resulted in an I-don't-care sort of an attitude. So I had a breakfast burrito from Whataburger on Sunday morning when I overslept and needed to get to work. And a sandwich at lunch on Sunday. And some candy. And then on Monday, crepes for lunch (the smoked turkey ones from Cafe Brazil), and a loaded baked potato from Junior's Barbecue, with sour cream and butter and cheese and chopped beef. And a Blizzard (Oreo Cheesequake). 

What I noticed: The breakfast burrito wasn't very filling, but didn't seem to have any adverse effects. The sandwich, aside from not really tasting as good as it sounded, left me feeling sort of foggy, mentally. The crepes were totally worth it, absolutely delicious, although I really should've done more to add more veggies to the meal, it was definitely short on those. The baked potato was also yummy (how could it not be, considering all the stuff in it?) but it's definitely something I need to make sure I don't have often, and again, it was a meal that was really short on veggies. And the Blizzard was good. Really, really sweet, but good. (I was honestly hoping that I'd be one of those people who, after my Whole30 experience, would find sweets too sickeningly sweet to enjoy. It would make it a lot easier to avoid them. Alas, no such luck, my sweet tooth is still intact, but at least I'm not having major cravings, even after these two days of being so completely off track.)

Since yesterday, I've been back on track, no dairy, no grains, no added sweeteners, although I have had more fruit than the Whole30 template really calls for. I'll have to keep an eye on that and make sure I'm not having so much fruit I don't get my veggies in, but given that it's a vast improvement over the last couple of days, I'm not all that worried about it. I didn't take pictures of the stuff I ate over the weekend, or yesterday, but so far today this is what I've had:

Breakfast -- sweet potato, pear, and sausage hash topped with two eggs, coffee blended with coconut milk, coconut oil, and cacao nibs

Lunch -- a bunless hamburger on a lettuce/spinach mix (so, a hamburger salad, I guess?), with tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and guacamole and a side of baked sweet potato fries, and some kombucha.
I haven't had supper yet, I guess I should get on that soon, since it's 10 pm, but I wasn't hungry. It'll probably be leftover beef stew that I need to finish off soon.