Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whole30 #2, Day 29

Whole30 #2 is almost over, which has led me to think about what I do on day 31. I think I'm just going to keep going for a while, although I have some things coming up in the next month that I may not be able to be 100% Whole30 for. I feel like, since I eat at home (or food I've prepared at home) most of the time, if I stay completely Whole30 compliant at home, then relaxing the rules a little when I do go out should be okay. Of course, then I have to figure out exactly what "relaxing the rules a little" means -- does it mean ordering anything I want, or does it mean ordering basically the type of food I would eat at home, but not worrying about possible added butter or sugar or soy or other things that I would avoid at home? Or is it a case-by-case thing, where occasionally I decide that a burger or enchiladas or even dessert may be worth it, but not every time? I do know that what I don't want to do is start allowing a little of something here, and a little there, and then a little more, and the next thing I know, I'm back to having Starbucks once or twice a week and candy and french fries multiple times a week. I know that doesn't work for me. I haven't done all of this to go back to that.

I guess I'll figure all of that out as I go. For now, here's what I ate today:

Breakfast -- egg casserole, cauliflower/squash soup.

Lunch -- sirloin steak (the last one I had in my freezer -- no more steak for a while), baked sweet potato, spinach topped with zingy ginger dressing, and pineapple/blueberry/coconut kombucha.

Supper -- salmon patties, tartar sauce, coleslaw.

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