Friday, January 3, 2014

Whole30 #2, Day 2

Day two went well. I did get eight hours of sleep last night, which is good, but since I didn't need to be up particularly early, it wasn't that hard. I just didn't set an alarm. I don't think my breakfast was substantial enough, I was hungry just two hours later, but I ate a nice big salad with a lot of meat on it for lunch, and was fine the rest of the day. I did exercise first thing when I got up, 20 minutes on the treadmill. I didn't walk very fast, but I walked, and that's the important thing. At least, that's what I'm going to keep telling myself, and hopefully it won't take long to get a little faster.

So here's my food, which mostly looks a lot like yesterday's food: 

Breakfast -- breakfast casserole and breakfast salad -- same as yesterday. Not pictured -- coffee with coconut cream. 

Lunch -- salad of spring mix, broccoli slaw, snap peas, jicama, celery, topped with brisket and dressing made from homemade mayo and a little mustard. The brisket has a sort of pseudo barbecue sauce on it -- tomato paste, pineapple juice, salt, pepper, chili powder, and some of the drippings from the brisket. It's okay, gave it more of a barbecue flavor, but I'll probably save future brisket endeavors for times when I'm not doing a Whole30 and can have regular barbecue sauce.

Supper -- the same soup as last night, topped with pork chop again, this time with grapefruit. Mmmm, grapefruit.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Still some cravings, but they don't seem quite as bad as yesterday. 

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