Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 28

I didn't post yesterday. I was tired. I ate three meals, it was all Whole30 food, it wasn't anything exciting. Anyway, today wasn't very exciting either. I'm trying to get stuff cooked for the week, which for some reason doesn't seem to equal getting good stuff to eat today -- I don't seem to be able to get the timing right, so while I wait for the good stuff to cook, I end up eating boring stuff. I should really work on that.

So here's what I ate:

Breakfast -- last week, or the week before, I forget, I made soup. I froze part of it, and pulled some out of the freezer to have today. So, it's cauliflower/roasted veggie soup, topped with seasoned ground beef, some sauteed broccoli slaw, and some coconut flakes.

Lunch -- Spaghetti squash and seasoned ground beef, with a little coconut milk added for creaminess.

Supper -- roasted butternut squash, burnt (oops), scrambled eggs, and a little homemade mayo.

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