Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 16

I've been thinking a lot about this whole30 thing. It's not easy. It's not the hardest thing in the world either, but it takes a lot of planning, and cooking, and reading labels (and getting really frustrated, because everything has sugar or soy or MSG or carrageenan or sulfites in it, and I really do mean everything!) I don't know if I've lost any weight, and while some days I feel great, some days I feel tired (part of that is not getting enough sleep, something I need to work on). But even though I haven't had any really miraculous effects from it, it really just feels right to be eating this way, even if it is hard. I like the premise of eating food that you recognize, not food-like stuff with ingredients you can't pronounce. I won't lie, I miss cheese, and sugary stuff, and bread. When I get done with my 30 days, I'll be re-introducing at least the cheese and bread, just to see how I react to it, although I think I'll be better off not eating either of them often. At some point I'm sure I'll have something sugary, but I'd like to put that off for a while if I can, because I know it's not good for me, and I'm afraid eating one sugary thing will lead to cravings for more sugary things, and since I'm not currently having bad cravings, I think it's probably just best to wait a while on that one. I doubt I'll make it through the holidays without something, though, there's typically just too much stuff around, and eventually there will probably be something that I decide is worth having. I just hope I can keep it under control and not go from one thing that looks really good, to some of everything. 

Anyway, it's late, and I'm tired, and now I'm just rambling, so let's get to the food:
Breakfast -- soup for breakfast isn't weird, right? No. So I got up this morning and made the sausage that I'd been planning to make (I used ground turkey instead of chicken, and made up a whole pound instead of just a serving, and didn't make patties, just left it crumbled -- it was okay, but needed something, not sure what), and then I pulled out a mug of the soup I made over the weekend, heated it up, topped it with some sausage. I ate part of it before I left for work, and took the rest to work with me since I was running late and had it for a mid-morning mini meal.

Lunch -- there really is stuff under that guacamole. It's a burrito bowl topped with guacamole made from a whole avocado and some tomato, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Yum. Really liking the burrito bowl thing with the crunchy broccoli slaw.
Supper -- Okay, I wasn't planning on eating supper at work. I thought with part of the soup mid-morning, I'd eat lunch later, and that would push supper back until I got home, so I didn't bother to even take a snack, but then I was still hungry at lunch time, so that didn't quite work out. Oops. So on a break, I went to Whole Foods and got Applegate Farms organic roast beef (one of the few Whole30 compliant lunch meats!), some Justin's Original Almond Butter, and a package of precut carrots and celery. It was actually all surprisingly good. Also, carrots and celery with almond butter are yummy. 
Also, I've been reading up some on adding probiotics to a dairy-free diet, since my tummy still has a few issues with this new way of eating. One thing that was mentioned is a fermented drink called kombucha. I tried GT's Enlightened Ginger Ade flavor. I like it. It's not sweet, but not too tart, with a bit of a vinegary flavor, and just a little fizzy. Sadly, it is also like $3.50 a bottle, two servings a bottle (or maybe it was $3.99, I can't remember now), so I won't be drinking much of that, unless I decide to make my own, which apparently involves purposely growing some kind of fuzzy moldy stuff in a container in your kitchen, so I'm not real sure about that. I have a couple of other things I can try, I'm sure I'll be mentioning them in the next few days, as soon as I work up the nerve to try them, since they're totally new to me.


  1. I bet you have lost weight, I have & I'm not being nearly as strict as you! Have you noticed a change in your complexion without gluten in your diet??
    I have friends that grow their own scooby & generally ppl that do end up with more than they need, so maybe you can find someone to give some to you. and you can always just take a pill form of probiotic...

    1. I don't know about the weight -- surely I have, but some days my clothes seem a little looser, and some days, not so much. My complexion wasn't really that bad before, but the few zits I had are gone now -- whether that's gluten or something else, I don't know, but I guess when I re-intro it at the end of this, we'll find out.

      I know I could take a pill, I just thought if there were some way to get it through food that tasted good, why not do that, since pills usually have some added, unnecessary ingredients. Plus, trying new foods is probably good for me, as long as they're not new forms of chocolate or ice cream.

    2. Absolutely, but if you don't find a food you love, there are high quality pills that don't have junk in them too. I like kombucha, but it's $$