Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 11

I woke up feeling great today. Of course, that was at 7:30 this morning. I don't normally wake up that early, because I normally need to be up past 10 pm. Fortunately, I don't have to work today, so I can go to bed after I post this. And the whole getting up early thing will come in handy for making sure I get to the farmers market tomorrow.

I've done something new and different (for me, anyway) -- I've actually attempted to plan next week's menu. I'm going to stick with a breakfast casserole/breakfast salad combo every morning (but with turkey sausage from this recipe, and then I'm going to do a fish dish -- these salmon cakes (I would've called them salmon patties or salmon croquettes, but whatever), crockpot chicken, and burrito bowls, plus I'm going to use the butternut squash I bought last weekend that I haven't cooked yet to make this butternut squash casserole type thing, some cauliflower soup, and mashed cauliflower. Plus assorted vegetables, whatever I pick up at the farmers market tomorrow or get from the store. I think that's enough to get me through most of the week. (I cannot believe how much food I seem to be going through!) If I need other protein sources, I have some frozen chicken I can use. And I seem to have to go to the store for a mid-week veggie run each week too, for the stuff that I eat most, or that doesn't keep as well. 

Now to the food:

breakfast -- egg casserole, peach, breakfast salad, coconut flakes

Lunch -- chicken salad (roast chicken, grapes, half an apple, home made mayo), on salad greens, with the rest of the apple
Supper -- Here's what's on the plate: 3 eggs, fried, the rest of the roast jicama from the other night, some breakfast salad, and an orange. I ate part of the eggs, part of the jicama, and part of the breakfast salad. The orange tasted off, so I didn't eat it. None of it was very impressive, and after eating a little bit, I was just like, yuck. But I was hungry. And I'd bought a few Larabars to have for emergencies, because they're allowed on the Whole30 (as long as the ingredients are all compliant), but only for emergencies. I bought them because I have this weird fear of being out somewhere and being hungry and not being able to find food that is Whole30 compliant, so I keep one in my purse, and a couple in the pantry. This is the first time I've eaten one. I'm pretty sure "dinner tastes yucky" is not an emergency, but I ate it anyway. Really, supper wasn't exciting, but (other than the orange) there was nothing wrong with it. I think I just wanted something different. Or maybe something sweet. I'm not really sure. Part of why the Whole30 is so strict is that, while it is an elimination diet that can help you pinpoint any problems you may have with dairy or grains or legumes, it is also an attempt to change how you eat, and your emotional attachment to food -- so if you normally turn to sweets when something is unpleasant, it's going to highlight that, and since you can't really have sweets, you can't do that, you have to just deal with whatever unpleasant feeling it is that you're feeling. The thing is, while I know that I do that at times, I didn't think there was anything unpleasant or anything I was worried about, so I'm not really sure what's going on.

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