Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whole30 #2, Days 17-21

Over the weekend, I went to visit my sister and her family. She's also doing a Whole30, so I had no problems sticking to the plan. I did have one meal (not at her house) where I made the best choices I could, but suspect there was dairy in something that I ate -- it was scrambled eggs, and they tasted buttery. Other than that, I had some really good meals. She made fauxtmeal, something I never make for myself, but which always looks yummy in her pictures, so I told her I wanted to try it. I didn't get the exact recipe from her, but from what she said, I think it was like this banana and egg based one maybe. It was really good. We went out to eat one night at Texas Roadhouse -- I had a New York Strip steak, baked sweet potato, and salad, no butter on anything, no cheese on the salad, just lemon for salad dressing. I didn't take pictures of any of it, I just enjoyed my time visiting, not dragging the phone to the table with me.

Today was my first full day back at home, so back to normal. Here's what I ate:

Breakfast -- Baked sweet potato topped with eggs scrambled with broccoli slaw and leftover steak.

Lunch -- Salad (spinach, lettuce mix, broccoli slaw, tomatoes) topped with guacamole and leftover sirloin steak from last night, and Holykombucha blood orange flavor. I found the kombucha at a local health food store, and even though I started making my own last month, when I realized this was a local company based out of Fort Worth, and they had flavors I'd never seen in other brands, I decided I needed to try one. It was really good.

Supper -- chicken breast cooked in ghee, zucchini, mayo, and Wildbrine Red Beet and Red Cabbage Sauerkraut Salad.

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