Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 22

I realized something today -- I actually feel good. I don't have boundless amounts of energy (some people report that as a side effect of a Whole30), but I feel good. Much better than I was feeling a month ago. It's kind of nice. 

Anyway, not a whole lot going on here, so I'll just go straight to the food:
Breakfast -- breakfast casserole and breakfast salad. 

Lunch -- Leftover overcooked tuna (I decided just to get that meal out of the way asap, and move on to better tasting options), with roasted brussel sprouts and carrots, and an apple with almond butter. Also, kombucha -- hibiscus flavored.
Supper -- spaghetti squash and meat sauce. Yummy. Although I really think it could use a little bit of cheese.
So with just eight days left in this Whole30 challenge, I've been thinking about what I'm going to do next. I think I'm going to keep eating mostly like this. I do want to do the controlled reintroductions, just to see if I have bad reactions to any particular foods, especially ones -- like cheese -- that I might want to have from time to time. I will probably add coffee back in, although I think it will be more of a treat than an everyday thing (or possibly an I-have-to-work-til-2-am-and-I-can't-stay-awake-and-it's-only-6-pm kind of thing). I'm still a little nervous about weighing myself and seeing how I've done, I don't really feel like I've lost a noticeable amount. But it's hard to tell, since most of the clothes I wear every day were already starting to be loose from the weight I'd lost over the last few months on Medifast. And yes, I know I just said yesterday that I don't want to be defined by a number on a scale, and I do see the irony of ending today's post talking about being nervous about the number on the scale. What can I say, I'm human, and while I don't want that number to define me, I'm just not at a place where I can ignore completely either.

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