Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Very uneventful weigh in today. For the last week I lost a whopping 0 lbs. Of course, I didn't gain any either. It's very frustrating when this happens, because I know there's no way that what I ate should have made my weight stay the same. I'm just not eating that much. Very frustrating when my body decides not to cooperate with me. 

It's been a weird week, though. I'm just not hungry. Well, when I first wake up, I'm hungry, but after my first meal or two, I'm just not anymore. Maybe because lately I've been having egg beaters for my L&G a few times a week and volume wise, that makes a huge meal, even if I am splitting half a serving of them and half a serving of reduced fat cheese. Yummm, cheese. I can't even eat my vegetables with that meal, except maybe a serving of mushrooms cooked in with it if I'm in the mood for them. Maybe I should stick to grilled chicken salads for a few weeks.

I've been reading Dr. A's Habits of Health.  It's recommended reading with the Medifast/TSFL program, he's on the board of Medifast and started the TSFL program (Medifast food combined with a personal health coach). It's interesting reading, and there are definitely aspects of his long-term approach to staying healthy I want to adopt once I've lost the weight I need to lose. I also find it interesting that he has an alternative to the Medifast 5&1 that uses more food and less Medifast meal packets. I'm not sure I want to change things up just yet, but I'm definitely studying that and making note of the recommended meals and snacks (he calls them "fuelings") because I can definitely see me getting bored with the 5&1, especially since I'm not ordering any more of the soy-based products, which limits my choices. I mean, I know it's supposed to just be fuel, you don't have to enjoy every meal, but I don't see why I should be bored having the same four meals (that's how many I like/can tolerate of the non-soy-based stuff so far) over and over again, when I could instead have small servings of fruits and vegetables paired with proteins like cottage cheese or cheese or peanut butter. 

Anyway, Dr. A's program is based on a low-carb, glycemic index based system, so I've also just started reading another book, The Glycemic Load Diet, but I'm only a chapter or two into it, so not a lot to say about it so far, although I am finding some of the information about insulin resistance and how that affects people interesting. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that I have the gene that makes people more prone to insulin resistance, since type II diabetes runs in the family. 

And on another note, exercise is still just not really happening. I know I need to work on that, but the thought of getting on the treadmill or going outside in the million-degree heat (okay, slight exaggeration, but only very slight -- this is Texas, after all) is just not appealing. I think maybe I'll look into exercise videos. I think I still have my old Walk Away the Pounds DVDs around here somewhere, I used to not mind those. Maybe it's time to dig them out and plug in the old DVD player. 

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