Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 8

Today went pretty well. Nothing spectacular. Went to the dentist, then to Sprout's for extra veggies (I'm going through veggies like you wouldn't believe here!), and then home to work. I think every pot and pan in my kitchen is dirty, and I really didn't feel like washing them, and I'm sure I'll regret that tomorrow, but for today, that's okay. 

So, the food:

Breakfast -- egg casserole (same as yesterday), breakfast salad (for the week's worth, it's a couple of zucchinis, couple of yellow squash, apple, strawberries, carrots (cooked just enough to be a bit softer), jicama, celery, all mixed with lemon juice), and that white stuff on the bottom of the plate is home made mayo, which was really easy to make, and really, really tasty, and added a lot to an otherwise boring egg casserole.

Lunch -- chicken salad (roast chicken, home made mayo, grapes, celery), on a bed of salad greens, with some raw carrots and celery

Supper -- ground beef (with a new spice blend -- Chinese Five Spice -- which was interesting, but beef probably wasn't the thing to put it on, although it's not so bad I'd throw the rest out, just a little weird), plus a sweet potato, some breakfast salad, and half an avocado. Mmmm, avocado.

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