Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 2

Day 2 has been pretty good. I ate my three meals, I did pack more for lunch than I ate at the meal, but then I went back and finished it a few hours later because I was hungry. I was trying not to do snacks, because they encourage you not to eat between meals to give your body plenty of time to process all the stuff you already ate, but they do say it's okay if you're really hungry and not just eating out of boredom -- and I was really hungry. It's probably because I'm coming off of Medifast where I ate 6 meals every day, so my body is just used to eating every two to three hours. Tomorrow, I'll actually take a snack with me in case I need it. I'm also trying to follow their recommendation to actually sit at the table and eat, without watching tv or turning on the computer or checking the phone. It's kind of nice, actually, to just sit for a little while with nothing to do but concentrate on the food in front of me. I think I notice more how it tastes, as opposed to when I'm just gulping it down while checking facebook.

So here's what I had today:

Breakfast -- egg muffins, same as yesterday, equivalent of about 3 eggs, breakfast salad inspired by this one at Stupid Easy Paleo (jicama, carrots -- lightly cooked so they weren't so hard, apple, celery, zucchini, plum, blackberries, cucumber (should've peeled it, I cut it in big hunks and the peel was really bitter), and I think I'm leaving something out, but then all that mixed with the juice of one lemon -- made it last night, enough for a few days, it was really good.) Oh, and some avocado, maybe 1/3 of one small one, and coffee with coconut milk. I may just give up coffee while I'm doing this, not the same without some creamer or some sugar.

Lunch -- bunch of salad greens, celery, carrot, half an apple (I'd actually put this in the rest of the salad dressing yesterday so it wouldn't brown -- worked great, and actually made the dressing taste better since it really needed a little sweet to offset the tartness of the lime juice), snap peas, leftover roast chicken, the rest of the avocado from breakfast, and a dressing of olive oil, lime juice and coconut milk.

Supper -- leftover orange cinnamon beef stew from yesterday, with cauliflower that I "riced" in my ninja blender/food processor and heated in the skillet, one apple, and some macadamia nuts (they're mixed in the stew)
 Oh, and somewhere between breakfast and lunch I had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spiced Tea, which I really, really like, but I just looked it up to link to it, and it contains soy, which I'm not supposed to have (who puts soy in tea?) so I won't be having that anymore. I'm going to assume it wouldn't be enough to make much difference this one time, but I was going to have it again tomorrow. Oh, well, I'll find something else instead. 

I did finally take my before pictures, I think I'll put them on a separate page rather than in this post, so look up at the top of the page for the Pictures tab. 

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