Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 14 -- Two Weeks Down

The last couple of days have been good, although something I ate didn't agree with me today, and I can't figure out what it was. But it did mean I didn't have anything very exciting to eat.

Anyway, food:

Breakfast -- since I didn't have my breakfast casserole made up, it's kind of thrown together -- three eggs, a piece of velvety butternut squash (yum -- even though I didn't heat it up, and I'm pretty sure it would've been even better warm!) (Also, I finally got to use the pretty new red KitchenAid mixer I got for my birthday to make it!) and some raw celery and carrots. I also had some grapes after.

Lunch -- I was going to make this cauliflower soup, had all the ingredients, except I was going to use my chicken broth instead of beef, since I have a bunch in the freezer -- until I read the note the author put in at the end that said using chicken broth made it taste like gravy, so I added extra carrots, some roasted golden beets, and a couple of sweet potatoes to the cauliflower. It turned out really good -- not too sweet, with a mild flavor, which made it great for this meal mixed with the seasoned ground beef from the burrito bowls, and then later for  -- 

Supper -- more soup, this time with some cinnamon chicken and topped with some toasted coconut flakes.  Yum. 

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