Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Checking In

I thought I'd check in and tell you how things are going so far, post-Whole30. I'm mostly just continuing to eat Whole30 stuff. I went out to dinner one night, had steak with mushrooms, green beans, and steamed carrots. I know the carrots had added sugar, they were just too sweet not to have, but it was okay. I didn't get overwhelming dessert cravings from it or anything. A few days later, I was at Sprout's doing some grocery shopping, and they had dark chocolate covered cashews in the bulk bin. I got a few, like a really small handful, and ate them in the car on the way home. I got a headache. I don't know if it's just because it's more sugar than I've had in one sitting in a while or if there was something else in them. It wasn't pleasant, but honestly, it probably wasn't enough to make me swear I'll never have anything chocolate ever again, although it'll be a while before I do. It also didn't make me crave more sweets, which is what I was really afraid having any sweets would do.

So, really, nothing terribly exciting. I was planning on doing a dairy re-intro, even bought a tiny little container of ice cream and some half & half to have in coffee, but I'm still having some allergy/sinus stuff, and since one thing people have reported dairy does to them is cause nasal congestion, I thought it would be best to wait until the allergy stuff clears up, so I'll know for sure if that's something it causes in me.

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